Online Gaming Research Papers and Market Analysis

Research insights and data-driven perspectives on India’s online gambling scene.

Laws and Regulation

Our research papers on current and upcoming legislation are fundamental for those wishing to know more about the legal status of real-money gaming in India. We break down for you State and National gaming acts, taxation rules for online gambling, licensing standards for offshore and domestic casinos, and much more.

“The Indian gambling legislation is complex and fragmented but the SevenJackpots team is making every effort to make it look simpler. They are upfront and online players are in safe hands with their counsel”

Uday Walia, Partner at Touchstone Partners

The SevenJackpots research team brings you legal expert analyses, global best practices, and all the Government policies that affect desi players, gaming studios, and anyone interested in online gambling.

We put the latest industry reports in perspective, dive deep into market statistics and explain the latest innovations so that gamers can get a clear picture of the Indian online casino, betting, and online lottery markets. More importantly, we provide exclusive data as primary research and reveal the actual way real-money gaming platforms work.

“Online gaming is driven by creativity and innovation but it is also heavily backed by data. Market leaders rely on UX statistics and player feedback and we’ve seen those stand out in industry studies”

Patrick Jonker, CEO at Hero Gaming

Ranging from global trends to focused case studies, our reports provide players with understanding of how the latest technology, digital finance, and online media trends change the gambling world.

Indian Gaming Culture

Online gambling these days has grown into a highly competitive global market. For most Indians, however, games have always been a part of their life, family traditions, or even office culture.

From age-old gaming traditions to modern mobile wagering culture – SevenJackpots reports uncover the social and economic background for the popularity of online casino in India. Our comparative studies shine a light on urban, rural, and virtual gaming communities. Better yet, they help bring offshore operators closer to what Indian players appreciate and demand from the best gambling platforms.

Why Do We Reveal the Raw Data of the Online Gambling Industry?

Online gambling is our passion, but we also strive to be objective and unbiased when reviewing games and providers or speaking about essentials like taxation or gambling laws.

Our team might have years of experience in online casino and mobile betting, yet the best way of keeping oneself up to speed is to dig into fresh industry data, news, market trends, and regulations. Put simply: we prefer backing our claims with actual gambling statistics.

We get our primary data from some of the biggest casino platforms on the Indian market – and we’re transparent about those! – and break it down for you.

“Different iGaming brands may have their own vision and identity but they develop the market together. Analyzing competing concepts and data-based trends helps them all respond better to consumer demand.”

Ross Parkhill, CEO at Rhino Entertainment Group

We also analyze national and global gaming trends through public sources and relevant secondary research.

We do the work so that you can have peace of mind when choosing one of our recommended online casinos. More than that, we do it because players trust us, and we want to deserve that trust!