Editorial Guidelines

Our Editorial Guidelines assure that all content created and published on SevenJackpots holds a high standard.

And speaking of standard, we set our own. We also set our own bar, and we set it high. This to ensure that you will always get relevant, interesting, and engaging content to read.


Non-plagiarized content written from scratch.


Fact-checked information from reliable sources. 


Easy-to-read & straight to the point content.

What are Editorial Guidelines?

Editorial Guidelines are rules that have to be followed for when creating content. Most successful brands have them, as they ensure that all content on a website or product has the brand’s “tone of voice.”

Guidelines like these are often the core reason why you’ll recognize a brand instantly when you see it, even if it’s a new product or commercial.

Editorial Guidelines make sure that all content created meets standards and criteria for the brand itself.

Publishing our Editorial Guidelines like this is important for two reasons:

  • It gives you a written promise that we will follow the rules we have set for ourselves. You know that we are trustworthy, honest, and transparent with what we do and why.
  • It gives us, the writers, journalists, and editorial team, a constant reminder of what we have to keep in mind when creating content for you.

How are these guidelines created at SevenJackpots?

The SevenJackpots team creates SevenJackpot’s Editorial Guidelines.

Our hands-on experience within the iGaming and online casino industry exceeds 30 years, allowing us to combine our knowledge and expertise to create these pillars on which our content stands.

Meet the Experts

Our team at SevenJackpots is working around the clock to bring you all the latest news about the Indian gambling landscape. We have over 30 years of combined experience in the casino industry.

Mattias Bergehed

Martin Larsson

Felicia Wijkander

Svilen Madjov

SevenJackpots Five Editorial Niyamas

We always deliver accurate content

We test every single operator, game, and payment method that you can find here at SevenJackpots.

From there, we create our material based on information straight from the source. Never would we blindly trust other websites or articles about a product. Tests and research are always done to confirm facts and information.

We are unbiased towards operators, providers, or other third-parties

When we create reviews, we do so, going in with a clean slate. Bias or favorable opinions do not belong at SevenJackpots.

Instead, everything we create is based on our opinion, experience, and knowledge. If a casino is really good, we will gladly tell you this. If it’s really bad, be sure you’ll hear our opinions about that as well.

We always deliver localized content in an easy-to-read format

Did you know that most Indian players use their mobile to play? And that desi players prefer live games over slots while also preferring high-quality games over bonuses?

It is important for us to live and breathe the Indian gambling landscape to give you valuable information relevant to YOU, the desi person interested in gambling.

And not only that, we want everyone to be able to read, learn and understand from us, which is why we create our content in an inclusive easy-to-read format.

We are transparent with our sources of information

There’s a lot of knowledge within the SevenJackpots team, but don’t just take our word for it. Our articles, guides, and reviews link out to relevant and reliable sources of information. Whether it’s straight from a casino, local news site, or a government body, you’ll see us reference it here.

We always update and amend our content

Truths change, and we are human. Casinos might update their website, and human errors happen. This is why we constantly review our content to ensure that it’s correct.

If you find anything on our site that doesn’t make sense or is incorrect, feel free to let us know so that we can amend this at our earliest convenience.

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