Aviator Game Online

Touch the sky in the Aviator game online and learn how to play this popular Aviator betting game with our complete guide!

The Aviator game from Spribe, a never-before-seen real money casino game with multiplayer features, puts you in full control over the Lucky Plane as it takes off.

It’s up to you to decide when to cash out, and you’ll want to do so before the plane disappears to win big!

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Aviator Game Facts

Name of gameAviator
Game ProviderSpribe
Minimum bet₹10
Maximum bet₹10,000
Max win₹1,00,000
Release dateFebruary 2019

Best Aviator Casino

The best place to experience the plane game is at an Aviator game casino.

We’ve reviewed loads of Indian casinos but have narrowed down the selection here to give you the best Indian casinos for Aviator casino game players.

Seeing as the Aviator plane game is different from other more traditional casino games like roulette and blackjack, this guide is tailored for Aviator casino players rather than regular gamblers.

Our top-three Aviator casinos are based on strict review processes and expert casino reviews.

Casino Days

Casino Days is our top choice as the best Aviator casino online in India. This casino has been offering a top-class online casino experience to Indian players since 2020, where casino games such as Aviator have been their main focus.

  • Low min deposit of ₹500 with Paytm
  • Min ₹800 deposit with crypto
  • Guaranteed cash payout bonus offers

There are over 4000 casino games to explore at Casino Days besides the Aviator game, and their unique bonus mechanic ensures that you are paid the full bonus amount in real money once it’s been wagered!

Big Baazi

Big Baazi is our runner-up Aviator casino. Not only does Big Baazi have one of the most well-designed casino websites we’ve seen, but the website is also 100% mobile optimized, giving you the best Aviator game experience!

  • 4000+ casino games
  • Deposit and play with Paytm, UPI, and Crypto
  • Legitimate Curaçao gambling license

Aviator is not the only cash or crash game waiting for you at Big Baazi. Explore other titles like Spaceman from Pragmatic Play or Cash or Crash live from Evolution! Just like Casino Days, Big Baazi offers a cash bonus mechanic that gives you extra real money simply from playing casino games with your real money balance.


BlueChip is a perfect Aviator casino for any crash game enthusiast! You’ll find the Aviator game and other crash game titles under the Instant Games category.

  • Play Aviator with a ₹500 min Paytm deposit!
  • Fast Indian withdrawals
  • Over 8600 live dealer and casino games

If you are looking to cash in on some extra winnings, BlueChip is also known for running exciting casino promotions. Each promotion brings something new and exciting to the table, giving you a chance to win everything from real money to Free Spins, Free Bets, new smartphones, and more!

Aviator Game with Real Money

The Aviator money game is super simple; place your bet, watch as the Aviator plane takes off, and cash out your bet before the plane soars into the sky, leaving the screen.

Withdraw too late, and you’ll lose your bet, but you’ll want to keep your cool; the plane can rise to immense heights, with the possibility of paying out ONE LAKH rupees in cash!

And that’s not all; the Aviator real money game holds a number of great in-game features:

  • In-game chat with other players
  • Double betting options
  • Provable fairness
  • Unique bonus offers

“Aviator is the hit game across the online casino scene right now! It overcame Cash or Crash as the most popular title (outside classics like roulette or cards), bringing in almost 4% of active players.”

Svilen Madjov, Industry Researcher at SevenJackpots

Indian Rupees and Paytm Casinos

Aviator with Indian Rupees

One of the most important perks Indians can enjoy is playing Aviator with Indian rupees! That’s right, the Aviator game online supports a variety of currencies, and rupees are one of them.

For you as a player, playing Aviator for Indian rupees means that the game is 100% free from currency conversion fees.

Because here’s the thing, whenever an Aviator casino isn’t available in rupees, you will have to pay currency conversion fees whenever you deposit or withdraw to or from the casino.

Make a few transactions per week or month, and those fees will account for quite a large amount of money lost.

How to Play Aviator Game

Learning how to play Aviator only takes ten seconds! Bet, watch the plane, and cash out before it flies away. However, the longer you wait to collect your winnings, the larger the multiplier, the bigger the payout!

To make things easy, we’ve created this step-by-step guide on how to play Aviator game:

  1. Pick one of our recommended Aviator casinos from our top list.
  2. Sign up to the casino and make a deposit.
  3. Search for “Aviator” in the search bar of the casino’s casino page, and tap the game icon to launch the crash game.
  4. Make one or two bets before the start of the round. Once the round starts, the Aviator Plane takes flight, and it’s up to you to cash out before the plane flies away. The longer the plane stays in sight, the higher your payout!
  5. That’s all there’s to it! Play as many or as few rounds as you want. And remember, you can always withdraw your cash or use it to keep having fun in Aviator online!

“The Aviator game from Spribe is a great casino game for any player looking to use their rupees on a properly thrilling experience. I love that Aviator gives me full ownership over my own bets and when to cash them out. It also sets itself aside from other crash games thanks to its multiplayer chat feature, an absolutely crucial feature that I believe we will see in many more real money casino games in the future!”

Felicia Wijkander, author and Editor in Chief at SevenJackpots

Aviator Betting

When starting up the Aviator betting game, you will notice that you have two big green “Bet” buttons underneath the plane’s takeoff area.

The two buttons allow you to take your Aviator betting to the next level by placing two bets in the same round!

Each bet is separate from the other, so you can set any bet amount separately between the minimum Aviator game bet of ₹10 and the maximum bet of ₹10,000. Set the Aviator betting amount easily using the plus and minus buttons next to the bet amount.

Auto Cashout

While using two bets gives you a chance to take home two sweet payouts, having to tap two buttons to cash out means that there’s a risk you won’t have time to tap the second button before the Aviator Plane flies away.

Use the Auto Cashout Aviator game bet feature to increase your chances of placing a lucky second Aviator bet!

The Auto Cashout feature allows you to set a rule that once the Aviator plane has reached a certain multiplier, your bet will automatically cash out.


Another useful Aviator game bet is Autoplay. Similarly to that of the Autoplay feature in slot games, the Aviator Autoplay feature allows you to set up a predetermined number of game rounds that are being played without needing your interaction.

Here you set up the number of rounds you wish to Autoplay, the multiplier on which to cash out, and add other aspects as well, such as to stop the autoplay feature if your cash balance decreases or increases by a certain amount or if a single win exceeds a specific amount.

Aviator Game Tricks

As experts with over 30 years of casino experience, we’ve spent thousands of hours playing casino games, learning tips and tricks in each game, Aviator included.

Our expertise is best used shared, which is why we want to give you Aviator game tricks you can utilize to make the most of your gaming experience!

We are going deeper into some Aviator tricks and Aviator game strategy in a moment, but first, let us share a few shorter tips on some general Aviator strategy to keep in mind:

  • The multiplier of the flying plane starts at 1x and rises as the plane does.
  • An honest random number generator ensures that each round is fair.
  • Your payout is based on the multiplier. For example, if you bet ₹10 and cash out at a 1.16x multiplier, your payout is ₹11.60.

Play for free first

While the Aviator plane game is easy to get the hang of, it’s always a good idea to learn the game without risking your own hard-earned rupees.

Playing the Aviator betting game in “Fun Mode” allows you to play the game with fake money for fun. No real money, no risk!

Seeing as the Aviator game online requires you to decide when to cash out, learning how to interact with the game’s features will give you a huge advantage when starting to play the Aviator game for real money.

Start with small bets

Once you are ready to play the Aviator game online with real money, start small! You want to make the most out of your bankroll, so keep your Aviator game bets lower to make your losses smaller.

After all, there will be moments when you’ll miss cashing out before the aviator plane takes off, and if your bets are large from the start, chances are you’ll run out of funds before you manage to land a big win.

Always play the Aviator betting game responsibly and with money you can afford to lose.

Don’t look for patterns

Like any game with a random number generator, the Aviator game rounds are 100% random.

In the Aviator game online, the multipliers of the last couple of rounds are shown above the airplane flight area of the game.

While it’s tempting to look for patterns in these statistics and try to predict the outcome of the next round, we are here to tell you that this is actually not possible.

For the best Aviator betting game experience with the highest winning chances, go with your gut on when to collect your payout!

Best Aviator Game Apk Apps

Seeing as around 90% of all Indians play Aviator from their mobile phones, a good Aviator game app gives you instant access to the game.

Now, it’s important to note that all the best Aviator game apps are essentially casino apps. Avoid any Aviator game apk of only the Aviator game! These apps are not safe or proven fair.

Instead, make your Aviator game download by downloading the Android or iOS Aviator game apk from any of recommended Aviator casinos listed below.

Our current favorite Aviator game app is Bettilt!


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Aviator FAQ

Casino Days, Big Baazi, BlueChip, and Bettilt are some of the best Aviator casinos in India thanks to their great selection of payment methods, fast withdrawals, easy deposits, and big casino game libraries.

Aviator is a crash game from Spribe where an airplane takes flight, and it’s your objective to cash out your bet before the plane leaves the screen. The longer the plane stays air bound, the higher the multiplier and the higher your payout!

You can play the Aviator game at several legal online casinos in India. A legal casino will be located outside of Indian borders and will hold a valid online gambling license. Keep in mind that states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, and Andhra Pradesh forbid online gambling.

Yes, the Aviator game from Spribe is real. You’ll find the real Aviator game at licensed online casinos. There are no exclusive Aviator game apps; always play at a legitimate casino online!

Aviator Bonus

To maximize your fun when playing, you’ll want to use an Aviator bonus. A casino bonus can give you extra money to play with, essentially giving you more chances to win big!

Some bonuses are better for Aviator casino players than others, and you’ll want to know which ones. Casino bonuses are always preferred, and Aviator game sign-up bonus offers are also great.

One great Aviator bonus casino is BlueChip. They’ve got a unique Aviator bonus offer giving you 50% extra in Aviator when you deposit!

But that’s not all; there are in-game Aviator bonuses that you don’t want to miss as well!

Rain Promo

The Aviator rain promo is an in-game feature you’ll only find within the Aviator casino game.

The Aviator rain promo bonus gives you free bets that can be activated anytime during your play session. You’ll find all your free bets in the in-game menu.

To grab a rain promo free bet, you’ll want to keep a close eye on the in-game player chat. As soon as a rain bonus appears, be quick to claim it. The first player claiming the bonus receives it!

Casino Bonus

While most casino bonuses give you bonus funds to use at any game within the online casino’s library, there are other Aviator bonus offers you should keep your eyes open for.

Casinos can also give you free spins and free bets through various promotional offers on the website.

Sometimes, customer support will even reach out to you personally via email, SMS, or chat, to greet you with your very own unique bonus!

Whenever a casino has an Aviator game sign-up bonus, take it. It’s a bonus tailored to give you the best possible Aviator game experience.

Aviator Popularity

Even though the Aviator game only launched in 2019, it has already become incredibly popular among casino players and has seen tremendous growth during 2022 in particular.

“Aviator Game” searches over time in India. Source: https://trends.google.com/trends/

And it’s not hard to see why the Aviator game online has gained such a large fanbase as it’s:

  • Easy to learn
  • Has fast game rounds for extra action
  • Has visible statistics and game-round history
  • Offers an in-game chat with other players
  • Shows a leaderboard statistics of winners and payouts

That said, these are not unique to the Aviator betting game. Another aspect to include is the game design’s resemblance to that of the stock market. It could be that people’s increased interest and understanding of cryptocurrencies create a familiarity with the Aviator game.