JetX Game Online

JetX is an innovative crash game from SmartSoft that has quickly become one of India’s most popular crash-type games.

We have collected all the best JetX game online casinos for you. All you have to do is check out the game review to learn how to play and choose which licensed and safe JetX casinos you wish to play at. Easy!

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JetX Game Facts

Name of gameJetX
Game ProviderSmartSoft
Minimum bet₹10
Maximum bet₹10,000
Max win₹1,00,000
Release dateJanuary 2019

Best JetX Casinos

When you’re watching that JetX plane soar high into the sky to create massive winnings for you, you’ll want to do so at one of the best JetX casinos in India.

That’s exactly why we have reviewed all the best Indian online casinos and hand-picked the best two for you! Each casino is carefully reviewed per our tailored review process, ensuring they are evaluated fairly and honestly.

We review everything from withdrawal times, game selection, and payment methods to how focused the casino is on catering to players wanting to play the JetX game in India.


BlueChip is the number one casino whenever you want to play the JetX game online. The main focus of BlueChip is crash games and sports betting, so if you are looking for a casino that will take good care of you when you are playing the JetX game in India, this is it!

Play JetX, Crash XAviator, or any of the other 8500+ games in their library easily by using any of the many payment methods available in the BlueChip cashier. Choose between popular methods like Paytm, cryptocurrencies, UPI, PhonePe, and more.

You can also always expect at least one promotion running that will make your JetX real money game experience even more valuable!


While Parimatch is, first and foremost, a sports betting website, they hold a surprisingly great online casino for anyone wishing to play the JetX game in India!

Parimatch’s deposits are instant, and there are plenty of methods to choose from when topping up your account to play JetX for real money.

You’ll find around 50 crash games, JetX and other titles like Magnify ManMines, and Aviator included, under the Instant Games category. And if you’re lucky, there’ll be unique promotions that can boost your payouts even further!

crash game JetX screenshot

How to Play JetX?

Thanks to the game’s simple rules, learning how to play JetX is really easy. All you need to do is cash out before the airplane explodes.

The longer you let the JetX plane fly, the bigger the payout. But, if the airplane explodes before you cash out, the bet and any potential winnings of that round are lost.

Follow this easy step-by-step on how to play the JetX game online:

  1. Pick the JetX casino you wish to play at from our list.
  2. Sign up and deposit with the method of your choice from the ones available in the cashier.
  3. Locate the JetX game in the game lobby and start the game.
  4. Adjust the bet level and place your bet before the new round begins.
  5. Watch as the JetX plane lifts off into the skies and tap to cash out before the plane explodes!
  6. Choose to play more, cash out, play a different game, or anything else. The choice is yours; just remember to have fun!

JetX Betting

To participate in the JetX betting game, you need to make a real bet. We recommend that you adjust the bet level to suit your budget. Not too big or too small, but somewhere that feels comfortable for you.

To do so, tap the plus or minus icons on either side of your bet amount. In the JetX real money game, this area will show the bet amount in Indian rupees. You can also tap the amount to enter the preferred amount for your JetX betting manually.

If you’d prefer to play without having to place a new bet before each round manually or to collect winnings automatically, use the Autoplay and Auto Collect features.


Autoplay is a feature that allows you to place new bets automatically. To use this feature in the JetX betting game, first, adjust the bet amount. Once you have settled on a comfortable bet, toggle “AUTO” to be on.

The game will automatically place a bet for you at each new game round. All that’s left for you to do is withdraw your funds manually before the plane crashes.

Auto Collect

If there’s a particular payout you are looking for and you’d rather have the game cash out for you, use the Auto Collect feature.

To use Auto Collect, enter the exact multiplier payout you wish to cash out at and toggle “COLLECT” to on. The game will automatically cash out when it reaches the desired multiplier. But remember that this rule only applies if the JetX plane reaches that multiplier and any plane that crashes before that will count as a loss.

Play JetX For Real Money

The best way to experience this crash game is by playing it using real money. JetX is a real money game, and there is something special about having control over how much you want to win that makes this game extra special.

That said, playing JetX with money means playing JetX responsibly. We recommend keeping a bankroll or budget for your gambling and never playing for more money than you can afford to lose. While JetX is fun, it’s not worth losing control of your life over!

Responsibility is extra important whenever you intend on using the Auto-features. Activating one or both of these features and leaving the game to run by itself can easily see you depleting your entire balance. So trust us and play with care. If you suspect you might have developed bad gambling habits, check out our exhaustive guide on responsible gambling.

There are several reasons why the JetX betting game has become so popular. JetX is easy to understand; it also has nice graphics and a cool retro-looking design that brings us back to classic arcade games. There’s also the social aspect of the in-game chat to add to the game’s attractiveness.

Not only can you directly chat with other players, but you can also see who is the current big winner and when players are cashing out during each game round.

JetX statistics show your latest bets, their outcome, and game history over the last round’s multipliers.


Many licensed Indian online casinos have JetX. We recommend BlueChip and Parimatch.

You place a bet, after which the JetX plane lifts off. Withdraw your bet and winnings before the plane crashes to win! Withdraw too late, and your bet is lost!

When you have time to play JetX! The game is 100% randomized, so no specific time of day will make you win more.

To play JetX for real money, sign up to an Indian online casino that offers the game, make a deposit there, start the game, and start playing. Easy!

JetX Game Tricks

Having been in the online casino industry for over three decades, we’ve got a lot of knowledge on how to play casino games optimally.

While these also apply to other games, they serve wonderfully as JetX game tricks. Use these JetX tricks to make the most of your gaming session, and of course, share the information with any JetX-playing friends you might have. Sharing is caring!

Play for Free

One of the best ways to learn the ins and outs of the JetX game is to play it for free. Most online casinos will allow you to play the JetX game for free when logged out.

The free mode allows you to play the game with zero risk of losing actual money. Explore how it feels to place big bets. Activate the auto-features and get a feel for how they work and how to turn them off.

Play around with different betting styles to find one that suits you. Taking the time to try the game for free gives you an advantage later when playing JetX for real money.

Have a good internet connection

JetX is a fairly fast-paced game, and sometimes a split-second decision is what’s between a sweet payout and a lost bet, so believe us when we say that a good internet connection is crucial!

Thankfully, the JetX game doesn’t require much bandwidth, so a 4G or 5G Wi-Fi or mobile internet will work fine. The key is that the internet connection is stable.

You won’t get a refund of your bet if your internet connection results in you making faulty decisions in the game.

Best JetX Bonus

Use a JetX bonus to really boost those winning chances! Different casinos will have different types of bonuses. Some won’t have any, so you’ll want to be mindful of the casino you choose.

Something to ask yourself is if you are interested in using a JetX bonus in the first place.

Depending on the bonus, it can add extra playing time in the form of bonus funds or Free Spins, or it can give you the possibility to unlock cash rewards.

Welcome Bonuses

A great way to start your crash game journey at a casino is by using their JetX welcome bonus. All new players who sign up will be eligible for a welcome bonus, which is often one of the best offers you will receive at an online casino.

Your first deposit often activates the welcome bonus or can even be split over the first two, three, or four deposits. It is common for welcome bonuses to have unique bonus terms different from “regular” bonus offers, so always read through the terms and conditions of the offer carefully before deciding to activate and use it.

Bonus Handouts

Another great JetX bonus is one that takes a bit of effort from you as a player. Loyal players, who spend time and money at the casino, will often be rewarded with bonus handouts.

One common way to obtain a bonus handout is to contact customer support and ask for one. If a JetX casino has a VIP program, you can often unlock handout bonuses as you play and climb the rankings as a VIP.

Remember that no JetX bonus is worth spending money you can’t afford to lose. There are often other exciting offers to take part in besides handouts!


A cashback is a JetX bonus that can minimize some of your losses. When cashback is active on your casino account, a percentage of your losses will be paid back regularly.

The criteria for a cashback varies between casinos, as some will give you back a set number of bets lost, and others will give a percentage of the total loss amount back.

As with handout bonuses, a cashback might sometimes come with conditions that aren’t favorable for players with a smaller budget. It’s important to remember that the cashback is always calculated on funds lost, so the money you receive back is just that, and they aren’t winnings or profit.

JetX Strategy

JetX is a game entirely built on chance, and there are no ways to predict the game’s outcome. That said, there is a JetX strategy, or mindset, which will keep you and your bankroll afloat for longer.

The safest JetX game strategy is that which doesn’t take risks and instead cashes out very early in the JetX plane’s journey. While the game is random, the game rarely reaches the top multiplier levels. Staying down low and cashing out smaller bets more often can, if you are lucky, build your bankroll over time.

This type of strategy is similar to placing even-money bets in rouletteSic Bo, or other games with 50/50 betting options. While the payout is low, the winning probabilities are far less volatile.

SmartSoft: Creators of JetX

SmartSoft was created by industry veterans in Georgia in 2015. With their release of the JetX game in early 2019, they quickly made a name for themselves on the crash game scene and have since released a few other similar games under the self-proclaimed game category “XGames.”

After JetX and JetX3, SmartSoft’s biggest XGames-game in India is the colorful CricketX, where you bet on how high the batsman will hit the cricket ball!