How to play Craps

You’ve probably seen action movies like Ocean’s Thirteen or Diamonds are Forever. These movies contain scenes at a casino where people throw dice at a big table. Everyone around them cheers and shout when the dice reveal their number. This is Craps!

Watching a Craps game is entertaining, but it’s even more fun to participate in the game! This how-to-play guide will teach you all you need to know about Craps so that you can enjoy the game at your favorite online casino.

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picture of a craps table, craps dealer, and two dice

Step-by-step how to play craps

At land-based casinos, Craps is played at a rapid pace, often with plenty of players placing bets and throwing dice.

Although the game looks chaotic, it’s easy to learn.

It’s even easier to learn when playing online since there are no other players you have to worry about!

Here’s how to play Craps online:
1. Select a Craps casino & create an account (or sign in)
2. Make a deposit
3. Wait for the Marker to show “OFF,” and place a Pass Line bet
4. Watch the dice either roll a Crap, a Point, or a win
5. Once a Point is rolled, place optional bets if you wish
6. Let the dice roll until your Pass Line bet wins or loses
7. Play again!

Rules of Craps

When playing Craps, a basic understanding of Craps rules will make your gambling a lot more entertaining.

In Craps, two dice decide the game’s outcome, where some numbers will mean that you’ll win, while others will make you lose.

Which numbers that will make you win or lose depends on which stage the game is in.

And don’t worry, we’ll explain it all in a moment.

First of all, the easiest and fastest way to learn how to play Craps is by playing the Pass Line bet. It’s possible to enjoy a game of Craps by only playing this bet!

But we want you to understand how to enjoy all aspects of the game, so keep reading!

Is Craps online legal?

In India, Craps is considered a game of chance, since there is no skill involved that could affect the dice roll outcome.

Since it’s a game of chance, you’ll only find Craps at land or sea-based casinos in Goa or Sikkim.

Playing Craps at local casinos outside of these states is illegal, and nothing that we recommend.

Online casino sites based outside of India are not included in any table game laws in India.

In other words, choose a foreign casino to play Craps online with ease!

How to win in Craps

Winning in Craps can be done in several ways. Essentially, it comes down to the dice rolling the number you’ve bet on, very similar to how you win in roulette.

However, you also have a chance of winning without placing a craps bet on a number! This is done by placing a Pass Line or Don’t Pass bet during the “come out roll.”

Furthermore, there are a number of different Craps strategies available, which will increase your chances of rolling a winning number.

How to use Craps strategies

Using strategies in Craps is very straightforward.

The reason?

You won’t have to keep track of earlier wins or losses, or count cards. Instead, you’ll focus on covering specific numbers or bets on the table.

Our Craps strategy guide explains the most popular and easy-to-use strategies available. Using one or more of these is fun, and it also makes you feel like a proper Craps expert.

The Craps table betting interface

screenshot of a craps table showing betting interface
This is the craps interface. Closest to you is the Pass Line and Don’t Pass bet, then there’s the Field and Come bets, and at the top, you have the Place bets.

On the right-hand side, you can see the Hardline bets. On the right of the Hardline bets is another, identical, setup of the Craps bets.

The betting interface is shown twice on a table because, in land-based casinos, one table can simultaneously have lots of players.

Come out roll bet

When the Marker is “OFF,” it’s time for a “come out roll.” This is the roll that will decide what number (Point) the Pass Line bet will land on.

When you have an active Pass Line bet during the come out roll, you’ll instantly win if a 7, or 11 is rolled, but you’ll instantly lose if a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled.

If you’ve placed a Don’t Pass bet, you’ll lose on 7 and 11, while you’ll win on 2, 3, and 12.

Odds bet

The Odds bet is a zero-house edge bet placed on the Pass Line bet once the Point has been established.

Due to its non-existent house edge, the amount you can bet here will be determined by the size of your Pass Line bet.

Place bets

Place bets are bets that are available once the Point has been established. Place bets can be placed on numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10.

Come bet

The Come bet can be placed once the Point is active. A Come bet will work in the same way as a come out roll and will place your bet on the number rolled next.

Field bet and Hardway bets

The Field bet is somewhat of a combination-type bet. It’s one bet that covers the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. This bet will even get paid double if a 2 or 12 is rolled.

Hardway bets are similar to side-bets in other table games. They are high payout bets on a specific event. In this case, they are bet on the two dice to roll an exact number, like a two and a two, or a six and a six.

How to make deposits and withdrawals

Playing Craps with cash is thrilling, and it’s super-easy to do so when learning how to play Craps online!

Since the online casino site offers a selection of secure payment methods, all can be used when playing Craps.

But that’s not even the best part. What’s so cool about playing online is that you won’t have to leave the table to top up your gaming account; you can do that directly at the table!


Paytm is a local Indian payment method that is growing rapidly in the country. Today Paytm is used for many everyday payments such as grocery shopping, paying utility bills, or booking various tickets.

The method is easy to use from a smartphone and utilizes a UPI-solution to make deposits and withdrawals instantly.

Casino Days is one of the casino sites listed here at SevenJackpot, offering Paytm to players.

Google Pay

Although Paytm is increasing in popularity in India, Google Pay is a much more well-known method, even outside of India.

As a result, you’ll more often find Google Pay as a payment method than Paytm. At least for the time being.

Google Pay works very similarly to Paytm, and one of the best gambling sites offering the method is BlueChip.

What is different in playing live craps online?

Playing Craps online and playing Craps at a land-based casino is almost like two different things.

The biggest difference is that you won’t have a large crowd of players and onlookers shouting at the player throwing the dice online.

Land-based Craps also requires a good knowledge of how to place your bets and call them out.

Online, you won’t have to worry about these things; you’re able to place your bets on your own, without people shouting at you!

Table chat feature

A bit of peace and quiet is nice, especially when learning how to play Craps. Online, you can still enjoy the social aspect of Craps with the table chat’s help.

Here you can communicate with other players and the dealer. This is a much better way to have a conversation than trying to make yourself heard over a crowded table, while also keeping track of the game.

No shooter players

In a casino, a big part of Craps is that players take turns throwing the dice.

This is the only table game where the player is actively engaged in the “revealing” moment of a game.

When you play real Craps online, the dice are thrown by a mechanical arm, so that’s one less distraction to care about!

No casino dress code

Since you are playing the game from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, there are no requirements on how you should look to do so.

You can wear whatever you feel the most comfortable wearing!

Of course, if you are playing while away from home, at least make sure to dress properly for the occasion and save gambling in your pajamas until you get back home!

Play whenever you want

Online casinos are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and plenty of live casino game providers will keep their tables open for just as long.

This means that you’ll be able to learn how to play Craps at any time of the day, any day of the week!

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