Craps Bets

The different bets in Craps online resemble those in roulette, where you can place bets to cover portions of the potential outcomes for a higher chance of winning.

In Craps, the number of outcomes from the two dice is a lot fewer than those of a roulette wheel, which makes the game even more exciting!

Check out this guide on Craps bets, and you’ll learn how to play Craps in no time!

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Standard bets

screenshot showing a craps table felt betting options
Craps standard bets are found on the left and right-hand side of the table.

These bets are directly connected to the main game, and different bets are available depending on if the “come out roll” has been rolled yet or not.

According to online Craps rules, you can only place Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets for the “come out roll,” after which the rest of the standard bets become available.

If you are new to this popular dice game you can check out our guide on how to play craps.

Pass Line bet

This is, by far, the most popular Craps bet. It also has a low house edge of just 1.41%.

The bet is placed on the “come out roll,” which is whenever the marker is turned to black, showing “OFF.”

This bet pays on a 7 or 11, loses on a 2, 3, or 12, and moves to a Point on any other number. When the marker is “ON,” It will win if the Point is rolled, but lose on a 7.

Come bet

The Come bet works in the same way as the Pass Line bet. The difference is that the Come bet is placed after the “come out roll.”

Once a Come bet is placed, the next roll will determine the outcome of that bet. If it’s a Point, the bet will physically move from the Come bet area to the Point number.

It has the same house edge as the Pass Line.

Don’t pass bet

The Don’t Pass bet will win when the Pass Line bet loses. This means that a “come out roll” Don’t Pass bet will lose on a 7 or 11 but win on a 2, 3.

This bet also has a slightly lower house edge than the Pass Line – 1.36%.

The Point will be established as normal, and once it has, the Don’t Pass bet will lose if the Point is rolled, and win on a 7.

Don’t come bet

Like the Come bet, this bet can be placed once the marker shows “ON.”

The bet wins if a 2 or a 3 lands before a 7 or 11. If it moves to a Point, a 7 will have to land before that number for the bet to payout.

The house edge here is the same as for the Don’t Pass bet, 1.36%.

Place bets

Place bets can be placed on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, and it’s most common to use this bet once the Point has been established.

This bet pays if it lands before the point or the 7, and different numbers have different house edges:

  • 6 or 8: 1.52%
  • 5 or 9: 4%
  • 4 or 10: 6.67%

Field bet

The Field bet is a combination Craps bet, as a single bet allows you to cover seven numbers at once.

It covers numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12, where 2 or 12 pay double, while the rest pay even money.

The Field bet has a 5.5% house edge and is a single roll bet, which means that it will lose if none of the winning numbers are rolled on the next roll.

Odds bets

This bet is known as the “best bet of the casino” as it has a house edge of 0%! You will be “taking the odds” for a Pass Line, and “laying the odds” for a Don’t Pass bet.

If you can afford it, it’s recommended to play the Odds, as they are statistically fair.

Standard bets Craps payouts

Pass Line or Come bet1:1
Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bet1:1
Numbers 4 or 10 (Pass Line/Come/Buy)2:1
Numbers 5 or 9 (Pass Line/Come/Buy)3:2
Numbers 6 or 8 (Pass Line/Come/Buy)5:6
Numbers 4 or 10 (Don’t Pass/Don’t Come/Lay)1:2
Numbers 5 or 9 (Don’t Pass/Don’t Come/Lay)2:3
Numbers 6 or 8 (Don’t Pass/Don’t Come/Lay)5:6
Field bets 3, 4, 9, 10, or 111:1
Field bets 2 or 122:1
Place bets 4 or 109:5
Place bets 5 or 97:5
Place bets 6 or 87:6

Hardway & One Roll bets

If you’re looking to spice things up, check out the Craps bets Hardway and One Roll.

They are found in the middle of the table, and you’ll spot them due to each bet having an image of the two dice.

These are high-payout bets that pay when the dice land in certain positions.

Hardway bets

The Hardways pay when both dice show the same number, like each dice rolling a four or a five.

Hardway bets will remain active until they pay, or a losing bet is rolled.

One Roll bets

One Roll bets are hard to hit, as the bet you place will only count for the next roll. These bets are focused on the Craps rolls, meaning those landing a “losing roll,” of a 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12.

There are variations of these bets, each with different payouts based on the number of ways the dice can land to form the needed number.

Hardway & One Roll bets Craps payouts

Hardway bets 6 or 89:1
Hardway bets 4 or 107:1
One Roll bet any 74:1
One Roll bet any Craps7:1
One Roll bets 2 or 12 Craps30:1
One Roll bets 3 or 11 Craps15:1

Should I play Hardway and One Roll bets?

If you want some added entertainment to your gambling, Hardway and One Roll bets are perfect.

Playing these bets will allow you to keep your eyes peeled for dice outcomes you wouldn’t otherwise care about.

That said, the house edge on these bets is very high, which means that, unless you’ve got incredible luck, you’ll lose money placing them.

We would put a sticker on these, saying “for entertainment purposes only.

Which bets are the best?

The best live casino Craps bets depend on what kind of gaming experience you are looking for.

Most players will stick to the Pass Line bet, while others are keener on playing the Don’t Pass bet due to the lower house edge.

To increase your winning chances, however, you’ll want to make use of a Craps strategy.

A strategy in online Craps will have you place bets in specific locations to cover as many potential outcomes of the dice as possible.

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