Fan Tan Live

The immensely popular Asian bead game has finally arrived at online casinos in India! Fan Tan Live is a beautiful game of prediction, where you place bets to win real money prizes!

In this version of the game, created by the live casino game masters Evolution, two betting views are available, allowing for leisure and professional play.

If you enjoy games like baccarat, you will love Fan Tan!

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How to play Fan Tan Live

fan tan live from evolution banner
Just like with baccarat and roulette, learning how to play Fan Tan is easy.

After that, it’s all about deciding if you want to keep playing with the “basic” rules or if you wish to learn how to use the more complex parts of the game as well.

This is how easy it is to play Fan Tan Live:

  1. Place your bet on 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  2. See what the outcome is and if you won.
  3. Play again!

Fan Tan Live Live Dealer

The live dealer of Fan Tan Live plays a big role in this online casino game. Without the dealer, there is simply nothing happening on the table!

Fan Tan is a game where bets are placed on the outcome. In other words, it’s not played against the dealer, like you would if you’d be playing 3 patti paytm cash or online blackjack.

Instead, the Fan Tan live dealer will clean the table from beads, use the cup to select a random number of them, and carry on placing the beads in rows.

Fan Tan Live rules

image of fan tan table with beads and stick

In Fan Tan, players bet on how many beads they believe will end in the last row. That means that; the dealer places a large number of white beads on the table, after which they cover a portion of the beads with a cup and moves the “non-cupped” beads away.

Only the cupped beads are in play, and the dealer will sort these using a special stick, dividing the beads into rows of four beads each.

Depending on the number of beads, the very last row will end up having one, two, three, or four beads. You’ll win if you have placed your bet on the matching number.

Fan Tan Live bets and payouts

There are two different ways to play Fan Tan Live, either by using the Default view and bets or the Advanced one.

We recommend that beginners play using the Default view. It’s possible to switch between them in between game rounds, so try them out and see which one you like best!

Default Game View bets

screenshot of default game view bets
Fan: The main bets 1, 2, 3, and 4. Pays 2.85:1.
Big/Small: Two separate bets placed on either small (1 and 2) or big (2 and 3). Pays 0.95:1 each.
Odd/Even: Two separate bets placed on even (2 and 4) or odd (1 and 3). Pays 0.95:1.

Advanced Game View bets

screenshot of advanced game view bets
In addition to the Default Game View bets, Advanced view has even more bet types:

Nim: Identical to a Fan bet, but is placed on two numbers. The first number counts as a win, while the second counts as a push. Pays 1.90:1.
Kwok: Similar to a Nim bet, but both numbers count as a win. Pays 0.95:1.
Ssh (Sheh-sam-hong): A bet placed on three numbers. You’ll win if the result is any of those three. Pays 0.316667:1.

Fan Tan Live Statistics

The statistics section of Fan Tan Live from Evolution can be expanded to show data on the Default Game View bets. Statistics can be shown for the last 50 – 500 rounds by sliding the slider at the bottom of the stats section.

If you’re familiar with baccarat roads, you’ll recognize these. But don’t worry, Fan Tan roads are much easier to read!

Each road is read from top to bottom and will move to the rightmost row whenever a different bet from the one before wins.

Fan roads: Shows the four main bets.
Odds/Even roads: Shows odd and even bets.
Big/Small roads: Shows big and small bets.

Mobile Fan Tan Live

You might have already figured out that the Fan Tan Live casino game from Evolution is 100% optimized for most mobile devices.

After all, Evolution is a pioneer in inclusive and portable live casino entertainment, so you’ll be able to play Fan Tan on most iOS and Android devices.

You can use your Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, iPhone, or other mobile devices to enjoy this game, no matter if you’re playing it via a casino app or browser website!


Fan Tan Live is yet another Asian success game that’s easy to learn and comes with plenty of winning potential.

Just like baccarat, it only takes a few seconds to learn the game, but once you’ve got the basics down, there’s plenty more to learn and strategies to use.

We are super excited to see this game being released by Evolution, as it caters specifically to Asian and Indian players.