Evolution combines the beloved board game MONOPOLY with one of India’s favorite betting games in MONOPOLY Big Baller, a bingo-style live dealer game show!

Bet on up to six bingo cards per round, and enter into the Bonus Round for the chance of winning up to ₹5 CRORES (€500,000)!

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How to play MONOPOLY Big Baller

MONOPOLY Big Baller is played like regular bingo, but with a few twists and turns creating even more excitement.

First, you’ll decide on how many bingo cards to play and if you are playing Chance or Free Space cards (more on this later).

As 20 balls are drawn from the total of 60 present in the drawing globe, each drawn number is marked on your bingo cards. Fill at least one line with markings to win!

That said, in true Evolution casino fashion, there’s more to it than that, as MR. MONOPOLY, who you might already be familiar with from MONOPOLY Live, has some tricks up his sleeve, and you can qualify for the thrilling Bonus Round with unique bingo cards.

Chance and Free Space cards

screenshot bingo cards
Choose to play Chance cards, Free Space cards, or a mix of both.

The bingo cards of MONOPOLY Big Baller are divided into Chance and Free Space cards. Each card has a unique feature, so you want to choose wisely!

  • Chance Card: The Chance card starts with a multiplier in the middle of the card. Any completed line that passes through this multiplier gets it added to its payout.
  • Free Space Card: The Free Space card holds a free space in the middle of the card. This space counts as marked, meaning you’ll need one number less to complete a line that passes through the middle.

MONOPOLY Big Baller Live Dealer

Considering that the MONOPOLY Big Baller game takes place on a steamboat, gently tugging along the river, the live dealer of the game is dressed accordingly, in a full sailor’s outfit!

Seeing as this is a game show, the live host will not be dealing any cards. Instead, the host will comment on the game, announce the numbers drawn, and make sure that you understand the rules of the Bonus Round when it appears.

MONOPOLY Big Baller rules

screenshot mr monopoly
MR. MONOPOLY pulls the lever to add free spaces and multipliers onto the cards before the draw.

You can choose to play up to four regular bingo cards simultaneously, with the option to add the “3 Rolls” and “5 Rolls” bonus cards for the chance of qualifying for the bonus game.

Once the betting window has closed, MR. MONOPOLY will add additional Free Spaces and multipliers onto your cards. There are three types of multipliers that can be added by MR. MONOPOLY:

Standard – Assigns a multiplier of 10x or 20x to an unique number.
Line – Assigns a multiplier of 20x or 50x to a full line.
Global – Assigns a multiplier of 2x or 3x to any winning line on that card.

Then, 20 out of the 60 numbered balls are drawn, marking your cards where they match. Once all balls have been drawn, winning lines are paid out, and a new round begins unless one or both of the bonus game lines have been completed.

The MONOPOLY Big Baller Bonus Round

To qualify for the Bonus Round, you have to have placed bets on the “3 Rolls” or “5 Rolls” card, and the card has to have a winning line.

The bonus game is played on an augmented reality 3D bonus board, where MR. MONOPOLY will walk across the board just like in the classic board game.

A “3 Rolls” bonus gives three rolls of the dice, while the “5 Rolls” gives five. Both bonuses can trigger simultaneously, meaning they will play after each other.

Features are triggered during the bonus game depending on where MR. MONOPOLY stops:

  • Multiplier: Adds the multiplier to your prize fund.
  • Tax Square: Reduces your winnings by 10% or 20%.
  • Go To Jail: Requires a double roll to allow MR. MONOPOLY to continue walking.
  • Chance and Community Chest: Awards a prize or requires a mystery fee.

Should MR. MONOPOLY reach GO; all multipliers on the board are doubled!

MONOPOLY Big Baller bets and payouts

Bets in MONOPOLY Big Baller range from ₹10 to ₹8,00,000, and the maximum amount you can win in the game is ₹5,00,00,000.

The optimal RTP in MONOPOLY Big Baller is 96.10%

Chance Card2:1 – 199:1 per line
Free Space Card2:1 – 39:1 per line
3 Rolls CardUp to ₹5,00,00,000
5 Rolls CardUp to ₹5,00,00,000

Mobile MONOPOLY Big Baller

screenshot draw phase
Twenty of sixty balls are drawn, with each ball’s number matching your card being marked on one or more of your cards.

The majority of Indian players are using their mobile devices to gamble online, and MONOPOLY Big Baller is a perfect game for all mobile players!

Just like with Evolution’s previous bingo game Mega Ball, you can play the game in portrait or landscape mode with ease, always having a direct overview of your bingo cards, drawn numbers, and winning lines.

Mobile MONOPOLY Big Baller is available at most top-tier Indian online casinos, each website fully optimized for mobile phone and tablet devices.


MONOPOLY Big Baller is a great addition to the Evolution live casino game selection, blending classic bingo excitement with the unique thrill of their already successful MONOPOLY mechanic.

You’ll want to remember that game rounds will be slower than at a classic live dealer table in this game show. This is especially true any time the bonus game is triggered.

This is why we recommend always betting on the bonus game cards, as, if you don’t, you’ll have to watch from the sidelines while qualifying players play.

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