Ludo Real Money in India

Ludo is one of India’s most popular board games, and you can play Ludo with real money at desi online casino sites and Ludo apps!

The game, also known as Pachisi, is played using a board, four pawn-pieces per player, and one dice.

Up to four players can play simultaneously, and each has its color, blue, yellow, green, or red.

You win in Ludo online by being the first player to move all four of your pieces from start to finish.

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How to play Ludo Online

Playing Ludo online is super easy; all you need is a device, like a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, and a payment method.

  1. Select a Ludo Casino and sign up.
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Pick your Ludo table.
  4. Play!

You’ll see the “buy-in” amount for a table before you enter it. All participating players’ buy-in amounts are combined into a prize pot, and whoever wins takes home the full prize!

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Real Money Ludo board layout

screenshot of ludo board
The Ludo board is square with a cross-shaped play space in the middle. Each corner represents each player’s starting area, the yard.

The white section of the cross is the play space where game pieces are moved, and the colored inner-strip of the cross is the “finish lines.”

Four colored arrows creating a square in the middle of the board represent the goal. This is where a player’s all four pieces have to land to win the game.

Ludo board safe zones

screenshot of ludo board safe zones
There are eight safe zones on the online Ludo board. Pieces standing on these safe zones cannot be knocked over.

There’s no limit to how many pieces can stand on the same zone, and all zones are available to all players at all times.

Some real money Ludo variations may only use the four starting squares as safe zones.

Ludo Real Cash Rules

Learning how to play Ludo real cash is easy! All you have to do is to roll the dice and move your pieces.

2-4 players play a Ludo game, and the game begins with deciding who goes first. Each player throws the dice, and the player with the highest number starts. Players will then take turn clockwise during the remainder of the game.

At the beginning of the game, each player will have four game pieces in the corner of their color. To release a piece from here, you’ll have to roll a six.

Rolling a six will allow you to place one of your pieces on the entering square (the one connected to your corner), and then roll the dice again to move that piece.

If you roll anything but a six without any movable pieces on the board, your round is over.

Moving the game pieces

screenshot of ludo board movement pattern in arrows
Players will move their pieces clockwise around the board, as shown above.

Once a piece has moved around the entire board and has reached its colored finish line, they’re able to enter it and move towards the goal.

The distance a piece can travel is based on the roll of the dice. If you have more than one piece on the board simultaneously, you’ll choose which one to move.

NOTE: It is not possible to split the dice number between pieces. It’s also not possible to “pass” if moves are conceivable.

The rule of the sixes

Rolling a six does more than allow you to release a piece from your yard; it also gives you a “bonus” roll.

If you roll a six, you will get to roll the dice again. Roll another six, and you’re allowed to move and roll again. Roll another six, and your round ends. Anything but a six on that last roll will allow you to move.

Landing on an occupied square

Landing on an opponent: One important part of online real money Ludo is to take out your opponents. Landing on a square occupied by an opponent’s piece will send their piece back to their yard! It also allows you to roll the dice again. They’ll have to roll a six to move the piece out on the board again and will have to start over with their lap for that piece. In other words, giving you a huge advantage!

Landing on your own piece: In most online casino Ludo games, this won’t do anything, but there are variations. In these variations, landing on your own piece will merge the two into a Block piece.

Block-piece rules (Ludo variation)

In Ludo games where Block pieces are in play, there are also specific rules involved. Block pieces will block your opponents from moving past it. Only you can move other pieces past a matching colored Block.

These unique pieces can knock over single pieces, but only Block pieces can knock over other Block pieces.

Merged pieces can only walk at half-speed, and only when the dice is rolled an even number. It’s possible to de-merge Block pieces at any time to create two regular pieces.

Finishing the game

Each of your game pieces that complete a full lap on the Ludo board can enter the colored “home stretch.” A pawn can only enter the goal on exact dice rolls.

Example: If the piece is 4 steps from the goal and a 5 is rolled, it can’t move. If a 3 is rolled, the piece moves three steps, and 1 has to be rolled to finish.

You’ll get an extra dice roll after landing a piece in your goal.

Ludo rules summary

  • A 6 has to be rolled to move a piece out from the Home Base. (variations of Indian Ludo allows this move on a 6 or a 1.)
  • Game pieces are moved clockwise around the board.
  • You can only pass if no moves are possible with the dice number thrown.
  • Pawns can only enter the goal on rolls that exactly match the remaining number of steps needed.

Ludo Apps with Real Money

Ludo with real money is a game that we are bound to see at Indian online casino sites at any time now.

But online gambling sites aren’t the only place to play Ludo with real cash. There are plenty of Ludo apps available for you to enjoy, each really easy to use!

Ludo Fantasy, IndiaLudo, Ludo Money, and more. Each app is easy to download, install, and use and gives you plenty of entertainment!

Ludo Payment Methods

One crucial part of playing Ludo with cash online is, of course, the payment methods available.
Playing online casino Ludo should be fun, so having quick and easy payment methods that keep our money secure is very important!

Thankfully there is more than one reliable online payment method in India today that can be used when playing Ludo with real money!


Paytm is one of India’s most popular online payment solutions today and one that many online casinos offer as a result.

The method is used via the UPI payment gateway and allows players to move money safely between their bank account and the Ludo game they wish to play.

Google Pay

Similar to Paytm is Google Pay. Google Pay is most commonly used on Android devices but does work on iOS devices as well.

Like with Paytm, Google Pay is accessible for deposits and withdrawals through UPI at popular Ludo apps and Ludo casinos.