Gold Bar Roulette guide online

Gold Bar Roulette is yet another innovative live dealer game from Evolution, released in 2022. The game combines European roulette bets, French roulette bets, and a multiplier feature.

Unlike the randomized multipliers in Lightning Roulette and Xxxtreme Roulette, multipliers in Gold Bar Roulette are entirely in your hands, where every gold bar can multiply your winnings by 88x!

How to play Gold Bar Roulette

Gold Bar Roulette is played just like any online live roulette game; however, the main focus here is the gold bars.

To earn a gold bar, you’ll have to place a winning Straight Up bet. The gold bar is then added to your account and is yours to use on any Straight Up bet at any time!

While Straight Up bets are the main focus in Gold Bar Roulette, you can also place all regular European and French roulette bets.

Gold Bar Roulette Live Dealer

The Gold Bar Roulette Live Dealer has two main responsibilities, dropping the ball onto the roulette wheel and revealing how many gold bars are present during the game round.

Once the live dealer has set the roulette ball in motion on the wheel and all bets are closed, four bank lockers open up on the left-hand side of the studio.

The Gold Bar Roulette live dealer proceeds to fully open the lockers, revealing between one and 20 gold bars.

Gold Bar Roulette rules

The rules of Gold Bar Roulette are simple; place a winning Straight Up bet to earn gold bars, then use your gold bars whenever you like to boost the potential payout of future Straight Up bets!

Gold Bar Roulette rules follow regular roulette rules and a regular 97.30% RTP; the gold bars are the only addition to these rules.

You can place more than one gold bar on a Straight Up bet, which will stack their multipliers for the chance of an even higher payout!

However, the maximum payout possible during one round of Gold Bar Roulette is ₹5,00,00,000.

Important: Your gold bars are valid for 180 days, meaning they will expire and disappear from your game account if you do not play Gold Bar Roulette within that timeframe.

Gold Bar Roulette bets and payouts

As with all other live casino games with special features, payouts have been modified slightly to balance the game.

In the case of Gold Bar Roulette, the regular payout on a Straight Up bet has been lowered from 35:1 to 19:1.

All other roulette bets remain identical to those of a regular table, and there are also no other additional fees to play the game, unlike that present in Lightning Blackjack.

Gold Bar Roulette inside bet payouts

Bet TypePayout
Gold Bar88x
Straight Up19:1

Gold Bar Roulette outside bet payouts

Bet TypePayout

Straight Up Bet Setting

If you want to make your gold bar betting even easier, we recommend you utilize one of the unique settings in Gold Bar Roulette.

In the General Settings, activate the “Split chips into straight up bets” feature. Any bet you place, whether inside or outside, will be split into Straight Up bets.

Keep in mind that your initial bet will be split up to cover the Straight Up bets. For example, if you place a ₹100 Corner bet covering four numbers, your Straight Up bets will be ₹25 each.

Gold Bar value

Tapping on your gold bars in the betting interface will show you the value of your bars. Their value will be an average of all the winning gold bar bet amounts.

In other words, winning more gold bars at a higher bet amount after already collecting gold bars at a lower one will increase the overall value of your bars and vice versa.

Mobile Gold Bar Roulette

You’ll be happy to know that Gold Bar Roulette works flawlessly on mobile devices. Most iOS, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Android, and Vivo mobile and tablet devices will run Gold Bar Roulette without issues.

You just need to make sure to play the game on a stable internet connection. Unstable internet connections will result in worse video quality or even possibly not being able to show the live streaming video at all.


Gold Bar Roulette is the perfect new addition to the Evolution live casino portfolio and a great game for players who are wanting more control over the game’s multipliers!

That said, there’s quite a bit of gambling involved in this game, both to get hold of the gold bars and when to use them, which puts this game on a medium-difficult level for newer online casino players.

The fact that they can only be earned and used on Straight Up bets also means that you’ll have to stick to these bets to enjoy Gold Bar Roulette fully.

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