Sequences in Teen Patti

The hands in Teen Patti resemble those you’ll receive in poker and video poker. With one exception, in 3 Patti, you’ll make your hand out of only three cards instead of five.

This guide takes you through all Teen Patti hands, what odds you have of getting them, and what order they rank, from highest to lowest.

Playing online Teen Patti is easy, but understanding the hands of the game will elevate your gameplay even further.

3 Patti Sequence Rules

The type of hand you are dealt in Teen Patti is very important, as all hands in Teen Patti have different values.

In other words, knowing how to play Teen Patti will help you predict the outcome of the round as some hands give you a bigger chance of winning.

3Patti hands resemble poker hands, but here the ranking order differs slightly from their poker variants.

The rankings of hands can also differ depending on the online casino Teen Patti variation you are playing.

Straight Flush

A Straight Flush, Pakki Round, or Pure Sequence all refer to a hand that consists of three consecutive cards of the same suit. The highest sequence is A-2-3, while the lowest is 4-3-2.

Three of a kind

Also called Trio or Trail, this is the best possible hand in Teen Patti. The hand consists of three cards of the same rank. The best possible Trio is three Aces; the worst is three two’s.


More commonly known as a “Normal Run,” this hand consists of three consecutive cards, not in the same suit. The highest and lowest hands are the same as for the Straight Flush.


Flush, or Color, is a hand consisting of three suited cards. The cards do not have to be in a sequence, but if two Color hands have to be compared, the highest valued card will decide which hand wins.


If two of the three cards in your hand have the same rank, your hand has a Pair. The highest possible Pair hand is A-A-K, while the lowest is 2-2-3.

High Card

Should you not have any of the above combinations of cards, your last chance of winning the hand will lie with your hand’s highest-ranked card.

3 Patti Sequence Probabilities

As you might’ve figured out, some hands are going to be easier to obtain than others.

The probability that you’ll get dealt a Straight flush will, for example, be a lot harder than just being dealt two cards of the same rank.

Here you’ll see all Teen Patti hands showing the odds of them appearing in your hand, and the payout for when they do.

Straight flush0.22%
Three of a kind0.24%
High card74.39%

Teen Patti Sequence Payouts

Your winning hand will pay out a different amount of rupees depending on the hand type you’ve been dealt.

When placing Teen Patti bets on the Pair or Better, or the 3+3 side bets, you are also opening up for even larger payouts.

Below you will find the Teen Patti hands’ payouts:

Ante BonusPayout
Royal Flush5:1
Straight Flush5:1
Three of a kind4:1
Pair or BetterPayout
Royal Flush200:1
Straight Flush40:1
Three of a kind30:1
One pair1:1
3+3 BonusPayout
Royal Flush1000:1
Straight Flush200:1
Four of a kind50:1
Full house25:1
Three of a kind5:1

Note that the below payouts are based on the live Teen Patti table from Ezugi. Payouts may differ depending on table and provider.