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SevenJackpots was founded in the beginning of 2018 and is owned by Esse N Videri Media LTD. We have since the start been a trusted site, providing Indian players with wealth and independent information in order for us to help our players win more and gamble safely!

If you are looking for unbiased casino and game reviews from a trustworthy team with over 30 years of combined experience, SevenJackpots is the place to be. We are here to stay and promise our players to push our boundaries and keep inspiring players and the whole industry to honor our Indian players who seek online entertainment in India.


Our team at SevenJackpots is working around the clock to bring you all the latest news about the Indian gambling landscape. We have over 30 years of combined experience in the casino industry.

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Editor in Chief Felicia Wijkander

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Casino Expert Martin Larsson

CEO and Managing Director Mattias Bergehed

Industry Researcher Svilen Madjov

SevenJackpots is India’s #1 guide to online casinos, gambling, and jackpots, with Indian players being our only priority.

Our mission

Our mission at SevenJackpots has since the start been to provide our readers with updated information on online casinos and casino games.

We strive to provide the best user experience for individuals who need a break from their monotonous lives by entering the world of casinos.

Why? Because online casinos are the place where dreams can turn to reality in a split-second.

SevenJackpots serves as a unique affiliate website that not only helps you understand casinos and other online games, it also provides you with a list of options which you can directly play the game from. We as humans understand the joy and power of success, hence we offer you the internet casinos which help you win more!

We would never settle for less, and we haven’t. Since the past few years, we have maintained a standard in the industry is well-known in imparting knowledge as well as an opportunity to experience victory. Learn more about our Editorial Guidelines.

We also want online gambling in India to be more transparent and help both operators, players and other actors make choices based on scientific data. Therefore we also conduct research papers highlighting different themes within gambling in India.

Gambling Legislation in India

Legislation on gambling in India is constantly changing, and the landscape is even trickier with all states and regions having their own laws. With our dedicated News Team keeping you in the loop about all the latest updates, Indian players can rest assured that all casinos we recommend to are licensed in a reputable jurisdiction.

If we conduct our casino reviews and find that a casino that is breaching compliance, they will find themselves on our blacklist for your safety. You as a user can always reach out to us if you want to report breaches in their T&Cs, you can find our contact details further down.

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