How it works

SevenJackpots: How it Works

Did you know that is an affiliate site?

Affiliate sites exist in several markets, not only gambling ones but in our case, we get money from casinos.

The concept of affiliation allows us to have a team of talented people working to give you the latest gambling news and reviews from India.

A person visits our site & clicks a link to a casino from there.


They sign up at the casino, deposit, and play.


We get paid commission from the casino.

Why affiliation?

If you’ve never heard about affiliate sites before, you might think that we are only out to make money off of you. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

For us, being an affiliate gives us the tools we need to provide you with in-depth reviews of casinos, researched industry articles, and the latest casino news.

Simultaneously, for a casino, it’s a way to reach more potential players by having us spread the word about them.

But let us be clear; we would never, ever, promote a casino that doesn’t reach our standards! This is why you’ll only see top-performing casinos listed at SevenJackpots.

Why you can trust our affiliate casino reviews

In our step-by-step overview of how affiliation works, you can see that several steps have to be met by a potential casino player before we even begin to get paid.

If we were to promote a bad casino as much better than it is, it’s quite certain that whoever signs up at that casino won’t stay and play for long.

It would be unprofessional, and go against our very purpose of creating this site, for us to lie and spread false information about operators.

To be very clear: We are in no way affected by the casinos we list on our site. By that, we mean that we are not asked to rate a casino higher or say certain things about them. Everything we say about the casinos we list here results from our own personal, unbiased reviews.

Why affiliation is important to us

If we could run this site for free, we would. At the end of the day, our passion lies with giving you trustworthy information, and we sleep soundly at night knowing that what we share here at SevenJackpots is truthful, honest, and based on knowledge and research.

But this is the real world, and everyone who works tirelessly on making this site so amazing has to get paid to be able to continue their work.

The truth is that, although we make money running this site, a big part of that goes straight back into the site in the form of salaries, agreements, subscriptions, and more.

We’re writers, developers, marketing experts, designers, social media managers, account managers, and others, who all work to make this site great. It certainly takes a village, and being as passionate as we are is crucial


Gambling is our passion, we want to share it

The online casino market is massive. There are thousands of online casino sites on the internet, each with its own set of games, offers, and payment methods.

Out of all gambling sites in the world, there is only a handful that is exceptionally good, and that is also aimed towards India. We are gamblers just like you, so we want to serve you only the best of the best to choose from.

In the end, the joy in gambling is the thrill of the game, not reading casino reviews! This is why you find a selection of great gambling sites to choose from here, rather than a big bunch of mediocre ones.

We are essentially making money by steering you towards casino sites, but we are doing so by simply sharing our love for the game. It is then up to you, the reader, to decide if you want to take the step to become a player or not.

To quote Morpheus in the famous movie The Matrix: “I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

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